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Expert Antenna & TV Electrician in Coffs Harbour

Your TV will receive the highest quality reception all day long with TV magic solutions.

Dive into the pinnacle of entertainment technology with our premier TV Electrician services in Coffs Harbour. As the demand for cutting-edge entertainment solutions grows, our team stands ready to elevate your viewing experience with expert installation services.



Get the Ultimate Viewing Experience with Our Premier TV Electricians

Understanding the important role that television plays in homes and businesses, we offer specialised services designed to optimise your viewing experience.

From intricate installations to detailed configurations and troubleshooting, our skilled electricians bring knowledge and the latest tools to every project.

Discover how our solutions can transform your space, ensuring every screen displays with crystal-clear quality and that every system operates flawlessly.

Services Offered By Our Tv Electrician In Coffs Harbour

TV Magic will assist you with any TV reception challenges in Coffs Harbour to get a strong and reliable signal. With the help of our electrician for TV repairs, skills and advanced instruments, we offer:

TV Antenna Repairs

TV problems don't always mean you need a new antenna. Our team will investigate all antenna elements and determine which system needs repairs.

TV Antenna Installations

Using the latest techniques, high-quality materials, and specialised signal testing equipment, we promise the best antenna installations. For 10-15 years, you will get crystal clear, pixelated-free TV reception.

TV Wall Mounting

TV wall mounting in Coffs Harbour saves space and offers more protection from kids. In this challenging task, our professionals will help you mount your TV at the perfect height for viewing from bed.

TV Tuning

Our team helps in TV tuning for your Digital TV for all makes and models. We can help with your antenna placement, the DVD, the STB, and the amplifiers to ensure optimal performance.

TV Surge Protection

During lightning, expensive devices like TVs can be damaged by high voltage peaks. During storms, our lightning protection strategy gives full protection to your TV.

TV Installation

Our TV installation experts in Coffs Harbour can swiftly, cleanly, and efficiently install your new TV. If you recently purchased a TV, we'll help you set it up the first time.

Starlink Installation

Satellite dish installation by Starlink solves slow internet issues and lets you get faster internet wherever you are. Our professionals are experts at installing Starlink kits.

Home Theatre Installations

Get a cinematic experience with our home theatre setup in Coffs Harbour. We'll help you choose the right components and calibrate them for the best movie experience.

Expert TV Services in Coffs Harbour

Are you experiencing problems with your TV reception? Having problems with picture quality and signal strength because of faulty antennas.

As a highly rated Coffs Harbour TV antenna service on Google, you can rely on TV Magic for all your home entertainment needs. Our goal is to improve your television performance so that you can watch your favourite entertainment programs with more clarity and improved reception.

With over 200 Google Maps reviews, we are a trusted and reliable company for TV services.

Our TV wiring specialists in Coffs Harbour offer you a customised and optimal solution as per your requirements. In addition, we offer a guaranteed service and workmanship for 10-15 years. Get a quote or book an appointment today. 

Strengths Of Our Company Include

Superior quality Australian-made antennas.

State-of-the-art digital testing instruments.

Multiple technicians – we get to you FAST!

Fix your reception for the next 10-15 years.

No.1 with over 200 five-star Google reviews!

Expert installers – safe & secure mounting.

All cables are hidden for a clean, modern look.

Superior quality brackets with a guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TV amplifier will enhance your signal to give you flawless, non-pixeled, clear TV reception. However, an amplifier may also spoil the signal quality as it can also pick up noise around the antenna distorting the quality of TV reception.

You may need to replace your old antenna if you experience pixelated channels and frequent signal drops. However, if your existing antenna is in working condition and connected to sturdy coaxial wiring, you can watch all digital TV channels.

Yes, our team is highly qualified experts and trained professionals. We have the following licenses, qualifications, and training on our technicians: Matchmaster, THX certified, Government Endorsed Installers, CEDIA, Restricted cabling licenses, Low voltage cabling licenses, OH&S training and awareness, Safety at Heights training and Master Builders – BSA.


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