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Tuning A TCL TV

How to Tune a TCL TV 


Ensure Antenna Connection

Confirm that your TV antenna is correctly connected to your TCL TV. 


Power On the TV

Turn on your TCL TV with the remote control or the power button on the TV.


Enter Settings

Press the “Home” button on your remote, and navigate to the “Settings” menu, often symbolized by a gear icon. 


Access Channel Settings

Look for an option labeled “TV inputs” or “Channels,” then select “Antenna TV” and choose “Set up input” or directly find “Channel Setup” or “Channel Scan.” 


Start Auto Scan

Select the option for “Auto Scan,” “Auto Tuning,” or “Auto Channel Search” to initiate the scanning process for free-to-air channels. 


Choose Channel Type

When prompted, select “Air” or “Digital TV” to ensure you’re scanning for digital terrestrial broadcasts. 


Allow Scan Completion

Wait patiently for the scan to complete. This could take several minutes. Do not interrupt the process by turning off the TV or using the remote. 


Save and Exit

Once scanning finishes and channels are located, they will automatically be saved. Exit the setup menu to start watching. 


View Channels

Use your remote to browse the newly found free-to-air channels. 


Quick Tips


Regular Channel Updates

It’s a good idea to rescan for channels periodically to discover new ones or update existing ones due to frequency changes.


Optimise Antenna

To get the best reception, especially in areas with weak signals, make sure your antenna is properly placed and oriented. 


Manual Tuning

If needed, manual tuning can help add channels not found during the scan or adjust them. 



The menu options might slightly vary depending on the TCL TV model, especially with TCL TVs running Roku TV or Android TV. If you’re unsure, referring to the specific user manual for your TV model or checking TCL’s support website for guidance is advisable. 

Installing Apps on TCL TV

How to add apps to a TCL TV 


Connect to the Internet

Ensure your TCL TV is connected to the internet. You can usually set up the connection in the TV settings under “Network” or a similar section.


Access the App Store

Using your remote control, navigate to the app store on your TCL TV. This could be labelled as the “App Store” or “TCL Channel Store.” 


Search for the App

Use the search feature within the app store to look for the specific streaming service app you want to add. 


Install the App

Locate the app in the search results and select it. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app on your TCL TV. 


Launch the App

After installation, locate the app in your list of installed apps. Open the app to begin using it. 


Sign In or Sign Up

If you have an account, sign in using your credentials. Otherwise, follow the app’s prompts to create a new account. 


Additional Tips


Software Updates

Keep your TCL TV’s software up to date to ensure compatibility with the latest apps. 


App Availability

 Not all streaming service apps may be available on TCL’s platform. If you can’t find a specific app, it might not be supported. 


Internet Connectivity

A stable internet connection is crucial for streaming service apps to function smoothly on your TCL TV. 


By following these steps, you should be able to easily add streaming service apps to your TCL Smart TV and enjoy your favourite content. 









Connecting a TCL TV To The Internet

To connect your TCL TV to the internet, you can follow these steps

Wireless Connection: 

Press the Home button on your TCL remote. 

Navigate to Settings > Network > Wi-Fi. 

Select your Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks. 

Enter the Wi-Fi password if prompted. 

Once connected, you should see a confirmation message. 

Wired Connection (Ethernet)

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to your TCL TV and the other end to your router or modem. 

Press the Home button on your remote. 

Go to Settings > Network > Ethernet to establish a wired connection. 

Auto-Setup (for newer models)

Press the Home button on your remote. 

Go to Settings > Network > Network Connection. 

Select Wireless or Wired, then follow the on-screen instructions. 

By following these steps, your TCL TV should be successfully connected to the internet, allowing you to access online content, streaming services, and more directly on your TV. 





Factory Reset a TCL TV

Using the TV Menu

Press the Menu button on your remote. 

Navigate to Settings or System. 

Look for Factory Reset, Reset TV, or System Reset. 

Select the option to reset your TV to factory settings. 

Confirm the action if prompted. 


Power cycle (for a soft reset)

Turn off the TV and unplug it from the power outlet. 

Wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on. This can sometimes resolve minor issues. 


Specific Remote Buttons (for some models)

With the TV turned off, press and hold the Volume Down and Input buttons simultaneously. 

While holding the buttons, press the Power button on the TV. 

Wait for the TV to turn on and release the buttons to initiate a factory reset. 


Using the Service Menu (for service mode access)

On your remote, press the following buttons in this sequence: Home, Back, Home, Back. 

Access the Service Menu and navigate to Factory Reset or Initialise. 


Following one of these methods should allow you to perform a factory reset on your TCL TV, restoring it to its original settings. Make sure to reconfigure your preferences and settings after the reset is complete. 

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